Our Team

Experienced team

Our dynamic and experienced team is the warrant of the success of our clients and the company. We got used to working in an international environment and offer our services in German, English and Romanian. We act with joy and engagement at our work. You will convince yourself when you will meet us.


Alice Herlan

Qualified economist and tax consultant. Until funding of Herlan&Associaltes company, consultant at Accenture GmbH Germany, domain finance and managerial accounting; certified project manager. Associate and administrator.

Loves the Karpatians and mountains sport; Mother.


Raymonda Hagiu

Chartered accountant and tax consultant; until funding of Herlan&Associaltes company,consultant in legislation department of the Finance Ministry. Associate and administrator.

Loves nature and animals. Mother.


Camelia Neic

Bachelor in Economics – Finance, Master of Science in Financial Management, chartered accountant. Specialized in HR and Payroll Accounting.

Sociable, passion for nature and travelling.


Andreea Mălai

Bachelor in Economics, with over 12 years of experience in financial-accounting domain, chartered accountant.

A cheerful, dynamic character, loves literature, romantic movies and nature.

+40 731 835 437

Alina Copacea

Bachelor in Economics, with experience in accounting for firms with trading activity. Attention to details, with organized, analytical and flexible way of thinking.

Artizan handmade.

+40 749 165 933

Gabriela Gekel

Qualification in financial-accounting domain obtained in Germany; Until 2005 employed at tax advising firm Regina Baasch-Stevens and Lothar Stevens in Göttingen.

Loves reading, cooking, hiking and rock music.

+40 269 537 789

Mădalina Hintea

Degree in Economics and master in “Human Resource Management”.

Calm and cordial attitude. He likes things to be well done.


Ildiko Toth

Bachelor in Administrative Sciences. Assistant manager.

I am a responsible, organized, attentive person. I appreciate the sense of humor and genuine people.

+40 766 229 795

Paula Dîmboiu

Degree in Economics, Master in “Accounting and Auditing” and “Human Resources”.

She is optimistic, solves problems tactfully, and is always a pillar of support for others.


Andreea Vasiu

Bachelor in Accounting, studying for master in „Accounting Expertise and Audit”.

Cheerful character 🙂, analytical thinking and positive attitude.

+40 749 165 968

Laura Muntean

Bachelor in Economics, major in Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Calm, patient and attentive to detail. Loves nature and animals.

+40 749 165 895

Andreea Bozdoc

Degree in Accounting and Management Informatics, master in “Accounting Expertise and Business Evaluation”, Expert Accountant since 2019.

A full of life personality with a sense of humor, brave and determined. She likes to travel.

Tatiana Ciuhancu

Degree in Economics, master’s degree in “Financial and International Banking Management”.

Passionate about nature, sociable and always ready to help.


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