The Company

The company

Herlan & Associates SRL was founded in 2005. Along the years since the settlement, we have continuously extend our business. Our clients appreciate, that we are a reliable partner, who understands their demands and is always anxious to gain added value for you. For the years 2011 and 2012 we were awarded the first rank by the Body of licensed Accountants – county of Sibiu.


Fair price-performance ratio for our clients

Our office disposes of personnel resources, to perform client oriented projects of different sizes. We disposes of experience with national and international accountancy standards, in the EC legislation or different accounting and controlling systems like SAP or DATEV.


We at Herlan & Associates cultivate a culture of frankness and solution oriented, where you and your issues stay in the center. We are always anxious to develop new and individual solutions for your finance, accounting and controlling projects, whereas we are supported by our international experience.


The quality of our services can be compared with that of the well-known international Tax Advising companies. Our rates, respectively price-system is rather local oriented, meaning that we offer high quality services at considerable law rates. Our invoices contain no surprises regarding our services stated herein.


Reliability and consistency

Our clients may rely on both our juridical terms and terms agreed with our clients. The same occurs with the quality requirements agreed with the clients. Important for us is the consistency of our relationships with our clients and employees of our office. We disposes of a grown stable team. Our employees are constantly trained on the subjects relevant for our cliens. We communicate clearly and directly with our Clients. Dissatisfaction is always approached and we try to clarify, respectively to declare decisions very fast.


We are always present for our clients, whenever they request our support. We considerably appreciate the personal contact. Your requests are answered within at most 24 hours. Our tax solutions have always stood the tax inspections. Tax risks are early approached and in the same time we inform you about the possible solutions.


We also dispose of a good local partner network. With our partner we collaborate since years, that give us the possibility to solve also special requirements of our clients, for example, to be fulfilled with the support of our IT partners respectively to find solutions for those problems.


Herlan & Associates is an active member of:

  • The Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania (CECCAR)
  • Chamber of fiscal accountants from Romania (CCF Romania)
  • German Economic Club (DWS)