Tax Return

We prepare and submit on electronic means and in accordance with the current law all the tax returns. Before we do this, we discuss with our clients about the ways to optimize the tax related expenses and the potential tax risks.


Fiscal Opinions and Expert Fiscal Reports

If there are special fiscal questions or if you want your accounting to be assessed regarding the tax risks? Then you’ve come to the right company. We prove the tax issues; accordingly get the binding assessments from the tax authority and advice you in finding the best tax solution for you company.


Tax Authority Inspection

In case that the tax authority notifies an inspection at your company, we are available for consulting and assistance. We attend in average 20-30 inspections a year. Our services include: preparation, consulting during the inspections and providing the point of view on the inspection report. We constantly try, to conduct the inspections at our main office to not burden our client and to provide immediately professional information to the auditor.


Internal Price Transfer and the Transfer Documentation

We support you in preparing the transfer relationships with the affiliate companies and issue with our partner, the documentation for the internal price transfer that are both compliant with the group standards and the current Romanian law for preparing the price transfer documentation.


Contestations and Legal Actions

In case that after the tax authority inspection there are set additional tax burdens, there is possible to file complaints against this tax assessment notice. We perform all the correspondence related to the complaint to be filed and together with our lawyer partner we find the most effective approach for the client.


Special Area of Interests Herlan & Associates

  • National and European VAT tax legislation (intra-Community supplies of goods and services, export and import of goods and services, VAT related registration of thr Eurpean companies non-resident in Romania)
  • Double taxation avoidance (permanent establishments, tax residence related questions, right of taxation of the countries and influences on the customers, internal price transfer) and taxation of non-residents in Romania
  • Fiscal consultancy for finding the most appropriate fiscal solutions and tax planning (transformation, conception for acquisition and participation modell, structuring the corporate actions, calculation of tax planning)