Real beneficiary – any natural person who ultimately owns or controls the client and / or the natural person
in the name or in the interest of which a transaction or operation is carried out, directly or indirectly.
The notion of “real beneficiary” shall include at least:

  • in the case of companies:
    – the person or natural persons who ultimately own or control a legal person by holding, directly or indirectly, the entire package of shares or a number of shares or voting rights large enough to ensure their control, including bearer shares, the legal person owned or controlled not being a trading company whose shares are traded on a regulated market and which is subject to advertising requirements in accordance with those regulated by the Community legislation or with internationally set standards. This criterion is considered to be met in the case of holding at least 25% of the shares plus one share;
    – the person or natural persons who otherwise exercises control over the administrative or management bodies of a legal person;
  • in the case of legal persons, other than those provided above, or of other legal entities or constructions that administer and distribute funds:
    – the natural person who is the beneficiary of at least 25% of the assets of a legal person or of a legal entity or construction, if the future beneficiaries have already been identified;
    – the group of persons whose main interest is a legal person or entity or legal construction, if the natural persons benefiting from the legal person or the legal entity have not yet been identified;
    – the person or natural persons exercising control over at least 25% of the assets of a legal person or of a legal entity or construction;