Accounting & Payroll

Financial Accounting

The services provided in the field of financial accounting include account assignments and record of presvious sorted accounting documents, like customized accounting analyses that are essential for the company management. As standard assessment we offer for example current business assessment, providing actual monthly incomes, costs and profit or loss, or the list of outstanding items, showing the open invoices. Along with these standard assessments we draw also reconciliations and reports to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or to US GAAP. On request we provide constant amount matching in group or we book all documents on cost centers and accordingly considering other relevant information for the Management accounting. All our assessments may provided on request in German, English or Romanian.


Payroll and Human Resources

The services provided in the field of payrolls contain: monthly pay-roll calculation including electronic submission of the personell tax or social security declarations, other reports to the institutions, processing the entire electronic payment system etc. We discuss with our customs also the optimization of tax and contributions burden in the field of personnel. Therefore we provide to our customs the possibility to outsource the Personnel Management, by taking over for example the submission of working contract, their record by the prescribed time and all the changes in the Employment authority REVISAL data bank, but also the submission of salary certificates for the employees.


Preparing the Annual Financial Statements

The annual financial statements represent the crowning of the financial accounting and are issued in accordance with the provisions of the law, in an accounting or net income form and reflect the financial position and performance of each company. In most cases, according to the Romanian law there is also compulsory an issuance of an half year statement. We conduct proving, drawing or certification of the financial statement, accordingly. We perform also financial statements for clients with financial year that is different of the calendar year. The annual financial statements are provided in Romanian but also in German and English. Also the discussions related to the balance sheets are conducted in the language demanded by the client.


Accounting Expert Reports & Internal Audits

We offer the provision of accounting expert reports. The source of our reports is the questions of our clients. Thus we prove for instance how far the current book-keeping in accordance with the Romanian but also with the Group regulations is, or if the booked expenses and the incomes are able to be feasible deduceable from the company’s objective, and accordingly if these are in accordance with the structure of other similar companies. Or we prepare related to an expert’s report, the source document for the merging or spin-off of the companies.