Newsletter no. 9/2020

Financial support measures for employees from 1 June 2020
For employees who have been in technical unemployment supported by 75% government
support or whose employment contracts have been suspended during the state of alert or
emergency because work has been temporarily interrupted or reduced and who have not
received government support for technical unemployment during this period, employers will
be reimbursed 41.5% of basic gross earnings (but not more than 41.5% of average gross
earnings) for a period of three months starting on 1 June.
To be eligible for these measures, employers must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • the individual employment contract of the employees were suspended for at least 15 days
    during the alarm or emergency period;
  • the employees have received technical unemployment benefits paid either by the State or
    by the employer in accordance with the provisions of Art. 53 of the Labour Code.
  • the employers are obliged to maintain the employment relationships until 31 December
    2020, unless the termination of the employment contract is for reasons not attributable to
    the employer

Payment of the amounts will be made on presentation of the following documents to the district
employment offices by the 24th of the following month: application, declaration of personal
responsibility and list of persons for whom the amount is claimed.
The two subsidies do not benefit employers who, at the time of application, are in bankruptcy,
dissolution, liquidation or whose activities are suspended or restricted for reasons other than
those arising from the pandemic.
Subsidies for employers who employ persons over 50 years of age or persons aged
between 16 and 29
Employers who employ unemployed people over 50 years of age until 31 December 2020 on
a permanent, full-time basis, whose employment relationship was terminated during the state
of emergency or state of emergency, will receive 50% of their salary for a period of 12 months
for each unemployed person employed in this category, but not more than 2,500 lei.
The regulations also apply to the employment of Romanian nationals whose employment
relationships with foreign employers abroad have been terminated and who have been
dismissed for reasons not attributable to them.
Employers are obliged to maintain employment contracts for a minimum period of 12 months
from the end of the period during which they have received wage subsidies.
Employers who terminate the individual employment contracts of employees before the expiry
of the prescribed period are obliged to repay the assistance in full for each person who has
been terminated, plus the reference interest rate of the National Bank of Romania applicable
at the time of the terminated employment contracts.
Employers who are bankrupt, dissolved, liquidated, or whose activities are suspended or
restricted for reasons other than those resulting from the spread of coronavirus at the time of
the application for the granting of these amounts shall not receive any subsidies.
Extension of the period for granting technical unemployment in some sectors
For sectors of activity for which restrictions are maintained, the granting of technical
unemployment will be extended beyond 31 May 2020 until the restrictions imposed are
Employers who have several fields of activity, at least one of which is subject to restrictions
imposed by legal decisions of the competent authorities, may opt for the reimbursement of
41.5% of gross salary or for the application of the rules relating to the continuation of the
granting of technical unemployment benefit, until the restrictions are lifted.
Workers whose employment contracts have been suspended as a result of the declaration of
the state of emergency can receive meal vouchers issued exclusively electronically.